New Opportunity

Currently, I am pastor of Harvest Community Church ( in Maroa, Illinois. Because of the studies that I have been able to do in order to prepare for the various messages throughout the week, I find that I have a lot more to say than I can say in a single sermon. And, in the interest of not inundating God’s people in Maroa, I have decided to attempt a blog that will allow me to ‘preach’ in writing. My hope and interest is to edify those who love the Lord Jesus Christ and abide in His word, as well to evangelize those who do not believe the gospel. My intent will be to write from studies or related thinking on the word of God. I am not so interested in social problems, politics or entertainment ‘who’s-who’ per se. Rather, in the interest of not getting entangled in the affairs of everyday life (2 Timothy 2:4), and in the interest of focusing primarily upon God’s flock in Maroa, I will only concentrate on expounding God’s word and/or related topics that are edifying.

May God be glorified-1 Corinthians 10:31

Pastor Charlie